Chiropractic and Alzheimer’s Disease


As with other functions of the body, your memory and brain functions degenerate or is decreased by a small amount with aging. A significant loss in the brain functions especially associated with diseases is described as dementia. Alzheimer’s is one of these brain diseases. It is the most common mental problem among senior citizens today. It is a condition that leads to gradual erosion of memory, diminishes speech ability, and renders the afflicted person unable to be self reliant. Through the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, the person who used to be healthy, strong and with a vibrant personality is transformed into a different person and becomes a mere shadow of his or her former self.

Some medical experts describe Alzheimer’s disease as a looming global health crisis and one of the most threatening epidemics in the country. The figures attest to this. There are an estimated 4.5 million people in the USA who suffer from Alzheimer’s and the future looks even grimmer looking forward. The number is expected to rise to as high as 16 million people over the next three decades.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s identified by the Alzheimer’s Association are:

  • memory loss
  • inability to perform everyday tasks
  • impaired speech
  • disorientation with place and time
  • inability to think
  • poor judgment
  • forgetfulness
  • different mood and behavior
  • loss of motivation
  • loss of personality
  • loss of body mass

Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

There is still a mystery surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. There is no known single cause attributed to it. Experts theorize that many factors contribute to the brain disorder including genetics, lifestyle, and environmental conditions. The results of studies comparing the brains of people with Alzheimer’s and healthy people reveal that:

  • There are damaged and dead brain cells and less connections in the brain cells of persons with Alzheimer’s and
  • The brain of persons with Alzheimer’s has shrunk in size.

Chiropractic Care for Alzheimer’s Disease

The health of the central nervous system, where the brain is the major organ, is the focus of chiropractic care. Chiropractic professionals are trained in the identification and treatment of disorders in the joints, muscles, and nerves of the body. It is held that a healthy central nervous system results in the proper functioning of all systems of the body.

Chiropractic adjustments for removing subluxations, a condition that can impair or damage nerves in your body, will restore the health of your nerves and the corresponding functions that those systems or organs in your body control.

Chiropractic believes in the importance of prevention healthcare and the value of being physically and mentally active before reaching and during your senior age. It emphasizes healthy lifestyle that includes nutrition, regular physical exercise and mental stimulation in preventing or reducing the loss of memory and brain function. All these activities do not use drugs or surgery, which make chiropractic care safe, aside from being proven effective and cost-efficient.

One very interesting finding in a recent study on Alzheimer’s disease and chiropractic care is that maintaining spine health and the early treatment of spinal injuries may also prevent damage to the neural canal. This may subsequently prevent the degenerative conditions of the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease.